All the makings of a pyramid scheme.1st interview: The "office manager" tap danced around my questions (specifically asking what the daily activities entail and what to expect during the second interview) with the "details cannot be shared because of privacy issues of our multi-million dollar client contracts".

I agreed to a second interview only because I was curious and interested in the prospects. I have never been into the sales scene but this was presented to be something so much more involved and less sales-ish. 2nd interview: accompanied an "account manager" on door-to-door sales. Might as well have been selling girl scout cookies or magazines.

They had a "pitch" they had memorized. Literally told me they ignore "no soliciting" signs because they believe it would be wrong for the potential consumer to miss out on such great deals! Not just the typical walk in, pitch, walk out. NO!

I witnessed this "manager" solicit customers in a hair salon while the stylist was cutting their hair!!! It was despicable and shameful. I was embarrassed to be there. Be warned when they tell you that your second interview will be spent with an account manager and to wear comfortable shoes.

I was inconceivably disappointed and irate with the level of deceit.They have several names for the same company, too!

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